Sewer Project Bid Document

Item 5 of the following excerpt from a City bid document specifies 91 linear feet of directional drilling that would involve use of drilling mud

The Milestones specify an "N.T.P" (notice to proceed) date of Oct-Nov 2014, is in time to create the October 12 plume of grey sludge observed entering San Leandro Bay from the direction of the lagoon's portal.

The following items are important elements of the proposed work and the contractor should refer to any similar work she/he has performed in the past within their pre-qualification application.
1. Saw cut and remove an existing 10" sewer pipe from an existing retaining wall adjacent to a Lagoon waterway including removal of the corrugated metal roof covering of the pipe and its supports. The wall is a historic seawall built in the early 1900’s. The waterway is owned by a private Homeowners association and private residents. The wall is in need of minor repairs. Private laterals through the existing wall will need to be abandoned.
2. Construct a temporary access road within the lagoon during the drawdown period for Item No. 1 pipe removal. Care must be taken of the historic lagoon seawall during the pipe removal. Contractor to provide a design submittal with details of the pipe removal and temporary access.
3. Install new sewer pipe - main extensions by open cut construction with in the public street Right of Way. The street is asphalt; a. Install PVC SDR 26- 4" sewer laterals from the sewer main to the back of walk and also to the existing single family structures within well- established lawns adjacent to historic homes on four streets;
4. Install and restore surface improvement on 21 separate private lots including various varieties of the following: grasses, bricks; concrete; landscaping plants, trees and bushes; specialty pavement surfaces; concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk. The contractor will be expected to enter and exit private properties to perform said work efficiently and with concern and respect for resident’s existing structures, improvements and property. Working limits are restricted to 10 ft. wide maximums with the pipe installation as the centerline on the existing private properties.
5. Installation of sewer pipe by horizontal directional drilling of +/- 91 LF of 8" sewer main between two manholes in close proximity to existing homes using front steer guided bore and jack method with steel bend VCP. Install new sewer manhole and rehabilitate existing sewer manhole with epoxy/cement like coating on Hawthorne Street
6. Abandonment of existing sewer pipes by filling with lightweight cell-Crete or equal under residential structures.
7. The on-site Resident Engineer of the Construction Company has recent construction project management experience in working directly with the residents at their homes and property before, during, and after the construction and subsequent restoration of the surface improvements in a high profile historic area. References would be helpful.
8. Location of existing utilities by pot holing and protecting existing utilities in place in an older neighborhood including water, storm drain, underground telephone, gas lines, fiber optic, underground electric and cable.
9. Open cut installation of 700 LF of 8" sewer main in private back yards of local residents with subsequent restoration in "like kind" of various surface improvements. Reconnection and or installation of four new private sewer laterals to new sewer main.
10. Install new sewer pump station (approximately 5 ft. diameter, 17 ft. deep), motor control panel, SCADA communication equipment and construct approximately 700 LF of 4" PVC C900 force main on Paru Street.
11. Install new PVC SDR 26 -8" sewer main and sewer manholes on St Charles Street.

DRAWINGS: The plans and specifications are not available for review at this time.
PROJECT SCHEDULE: The anticipated Project schedule is summarized below:

Preliminary Project Milestones
Anticipated Date
Issue Request for SOPQ
                     April 4, 2014
Pre-Qualification Conference and submittal from contractor of Questions and Comments form due Date
                     April 21, 2014     
Issue PreQUAL - Q and A and comments
                     April 28, 2014
SOPQ Packages Due to City
                     May 5, /2014
Final Plans and specifications to City Clerk
                     May 19, 2014
City staff Reviews SOPQ and Rank firms 
                     May 21, 2014
City staff notifies all firms with Ranking status
                     May 22, 2014
Final Plans adopted by City Council
                     June 17, 2014
City Invites Bids from Qualified Bidders list
                     June 20, 2014
Bid Opening/Bid Due Date
                     July 24, 2014
Project Award
                     Sept, 2, 2014
N.T.P. [notice to proceed] issued
                     Oct - Nov 2014
Substantial Project Completion
                     May 2015
Anticipated Project Final Completion
                     July 2015

The Owner has determined that Prospective Bidders on the Project must possess a valid State of California Class A General Engineering Contractor License at the time of submission of this SOPQ.
The entire SOPQ Package (SOPQ questionnaire answers and financial statements), submitted by Prospective Bidders, are not public records and are not open to public inspection. All information provided will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law. However, the contents may be disclosed to third parties for purpose of verification, or investigation of substantial allegations, or in the appeal hearing. State law requires that the names of Prospective Bidders applying for pre-qualification status shall be in the public records subject to disclosure, and the first page of the SOPQ questionnaire will be used for that purpose.
The Prospective Bidder shall provide only complete and accurate information in their SOPQ Package. The Prospective Bidder acknowledges that the Owner is relying on the truth and accuracy of the responses contained herein. Each SOPQ questionnaire must be signed under penalty of perjury in the manner designated at the end of the form, by an individual who has the legal authority to bind the Prospective Bidder on whose behalf that person is signing. If any information provided by a Prospective Bidder becomes inaccurate, the Prospective Bidder must immediately notify the Owner and provide updated accurate information in writing, under penalty of perjury. Should a Prospective Bidder omit or falsify requested information, the Owner may designate the Prospective Bidder as not pre-qualified.
The Owner reserves the right to waive non-material irregularities and omissions in the information contained in the pre-qualification application submitted and to make all final determinations. The Owner reserves the right to cancel this Notice or to reject any and all responses and SOPQ Packages, in its sole discretion. City of Alameda – General Contractor SOPQ -4-g:\pubworks\cip\90909 lagoon seawall sewer\pre qualification documents\prequalification for lagoon sewer replace.doc
The Owner shall not be liable for any costs incurred by Contractors in the preparation and submittal of responses to this Request for Qualifications. The Prospective Bidder accepts all risks and cost associated with the completion of the SOPQ Package without any financial guarantee by the Owner.
SIGNED: City of Alameda Public Works DepartmentCapital Improvement ProjectsCarol Clark, PEProject Manager/Associate Civil Engineer



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      The seawall sewer replacement project has been resurrected. This time they've scoped and scaled it properly and the job will be done right. The full story of last year's fiasco that caused the deaths of 300 seabirds and untold other marine wildlife will probably never be told.

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